Unfortunately this site has now closed!

Why have we closed the site down?

The site has been shut down because it was not attracting enough new members or users to keep it financially ticking over. It has been in the red for awhile now and now that SofSo Networks has taken over The ODGMedia Web Network the decision was made to close some network sites down, re-design and update others, all across the entire network. Unfortunately this site was one of the ones marked out for closure at this time.

Also the sites core software in our opinion was starting to show its age and a costly re-build or new purchase of core software from a third party would have not been justified at this time.

The site may however return in the future but were now also open to the idea of possibly just selling off this site. If your interested you can contact us today with all reasonable offers via our parent site at http://www.sofso.com!

I was a member what happens now?

Well as the site is unfortunately being shut down then your membership will also be closed, as well as any details we hold that you previously provided being deleted off our servers.

Thank you to all our members, users and visitors alike for using and visiting our site and we wish you all the best for the future!